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SMS Short Code - 56070 - 56677

sms short code service
How ShortCode Works Price Details

A SMS Short Code is a 5 digit number (Like 56070 / 56677 By vtel.in), provided by mobile network operators, on which data (SMS) can be sent by subscribers of the mobile operators. We deal in premium short code service only.

SMS Polling and voting

SMS Polling and Voting application allow user to vote for a participent. Administration can name event, can set start and end date of event. Can set the name and code for participents.

Code Verification

User will send a code from their mobile number and will receive a reply message weather a code verified from database or not. If verified than code and mobile number will be locked.

Information on demand

Reply message will be based on incoming sms content. This Application can be used in verious segments. such as -

  • Exam Result
  • Product Information
  • Movie Details

SMS Quiz

User will send a sms at shortcode to Initiate a Quiz. in reply sms he will receive a Question. He will send a reply sms with answer. If answer will correct than he will receive a second question otherwise quiz will be close.

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